Mobility Budget for your Employees via App

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) for corporate clients.

Urban and business travel simplified

The business world is becoming more and more mobile.
Your employee has access to configure their vehicle with an online solution and they are often using their mobile devices to book a hotel, rent a car, order a taxi or book a flight.

Currently, your company is using different solutions to support your employees who travel from A to B. Perhaps some part of your solution is managed internally, another part is outsourced and different internal departments are consolidating the fleet and travel expenses using their internal ERP System.

Our solution will streamline the processes for you to increase the mobility offering to your employees. In addition, your company will benefit from full consolidated cost control per category, by employee. This means the administrative burden for your internal departments is removed.

How your corporation will benefit?

Provide smart Mobility

Strengthen your benefits in kind solution offering to your employees.

Attract talents to enhance your position as an employer of choice.

Outsource with us

Reduce operational burden and cost to your travel and fleet department.

Increase productivity of your employees by using state-of-art technology.

Gain Transparency

Reach transparency of all mobility expense activities.

Manage spend activities by generating budgets for all spend categories / employees.

Supporting your business

The former concept to provide just one benefit in kind e.g. a company vehicle to an employee, is moving ahead. Megatrends like new values and new enhanced technologies are enabling companies to add value to their employees by implementing a diversified mix of mobility to reach one fundamental goal. That goal is to be attractive to existing and future talents and to be the employer of choice.

FleetsPay will support your company to promote efficient, sustainable and resource-saving employee behavior through appropriate incentives. Your company can add as many mobility options as you wish, which are in line with your supplier strategy. FleetsPay is able to support your supply chain strategy in order to leverage your purchasing power and to copy your approved supplier basis 1:1 into our mobile technology solutions, FleetsPay.

For example, by using a Mobility / Fleet / Travel Budget for your employees, FleetsPay will act as your controller to ensure that agreed budgets will not be exceeded, unless you approve this extra cost prior to the employee completing the transaction.

The implementation of FleetsPay will provide your company a full overview of one of the biggest spend items for each budget – mobility costs. In addition, your company will be able to lower the internal administrative burden by consolidating and interpreting all these different cost categories. Transparency and cost control will be achieved while providing your employees a mobile payment solution which will lead them to a higher satisfaction level.

Finally, FleetsPay will support you as an innovative employer to motivate your existing employees and future talents and to reach an ideal working environment for all.

How your employees will benefit?

Public and Private transport

Empower your workforce and let them choose how to get from A to B.

Full spend analysis

24/7 access to see their current spend and remaining budget.

Smart commuting

Save time, travel more efficiently and reduce the stress level.


Promote carsharing instead of company cars.

Taxed favourably

No monetary disadvantages for your staff.

Easy to use

Employees love planning life on a smartphone.

Your employees are simply requesting a payment solution for their corporate mobility needs, like they are using for private purposes. That means that your employees should not use their cash or be required to submit their expense claim month by month. There is simply a smarter way for your employee to work.

By using our FleetsPay card, the employee will be empowered to pay virtually via their mobile phone or any other devices such as a tablet and/or laptop. Your employee is able to pay all kinds of mobility suppliers which the company approve upfront and which is in line with the agreed budget. The employee has a perfect tool to pay, to control the spending and to see if their monthly budget is in line with the mobility spending so far. All of this information is part of the FleetsPay app which is enabling your employee to use the widest mobility supply chain across Europe.

In addition, FleetsPay can simply approve any specific transaction such as a flight / hotel or any other item to support the employee if immediate action is required in case of emergency.

Your employee will love using FleetsPay because it is a very simple tool to use to pay for corporate mobility expenses. FleetsPay will also help your employee to become more efficient by removal of their former expense reimbursements.




An App to solve your Mobility needs

FleetsPay is an app which enables your company to stay in control. The app manages your employee / company spend on a centralized online interface and is minimizing the risk of unauthorized spending.

The virtual FleetsPay solution has a 15-digit number, expiration date, security code to reduce misuse/fraud and any other manual interventions. It will strengthen the corporate mobility policy and will ensure consolidated and consistent data.

The virtual card prevents overspending by using budgets for any individual employee, which is controlled and and can be viewed ‘Live’.

The virtual card numbers of FleetsPay are only valid for your approved supply chain and any transactions will be validated prior of approval.

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Who we are

FleetsPay is empowered by Fleets International Enterprises (FIE).
FIE is an independent mobility management service provider, which is headquartered in Germany and supported by offices globally. We serve customers in optimizing their strategies at every stage – from Purchasing to Payment (PtP) in providing an extensive range of mobility services that stretch the total employee lifecycle. These services, together with our distinguished solutions, technologies and consulting, drive our customers to achieve exceptional results.

The strategic partnership of Fleets International Enterprises with American Express Inc. is adding functionality to its mobility management offering. American Express expertise has brought us a complete understanding of the unique business requirements and operating environments of business operators. The merging of these disciplines results in a more thorough understanding of the impact of events and the end-to-end costs for all employees for providing mobility to them. The result of this strategic partnership is our enhanced mobility product – the virtual FleetsPay solution!